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Our Mission

Our innate curiosity, foundations in the science and theories of ecology, and desire to collaborate drives our commitment to each project. An ecosystem approach to management and restoration bridges our love of nature, experience in project implementation, and scientific rigor to identify the best path forward to achieve project goals. A shared experience in academia and long history in the private sector allow us to bring rigor to the practice of restoration with the pragmatism of solution-oriented implementation.

Meet Our Team

Andy Herb

Andy has worked as an ecologist in the Rocky Mountain Region, USA since 1999. His work involves most aspects of field ecology, with a focus on wetland assessment and the design and implementation of wetland restoration projects. He is an adjunct scientist at Charles Sturt University in Australia and a long-standing member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Wetland Scientists, which is an international organization committed to promoting best practices in wetland research, education, conservation, preservation, restoration, and management. He is also the founder of SWS’s Wetland Restoration Section, which brings together professionals from around the world to share information on wetland restoration. His commitment to science and the environment, combined with his practical approach to problem-solving and depth of applied restoration work results in creative and cost-effective projects that strive to restore the processes that sustain healthy wetlands.

Jeremy Shaw

Jeremy Shaw is an ecohydrologist working on streams and wetlands throughout the western US since 2002. His expertise is focused on quantitative analysis of physical and biological processes, integrating knowledge across disciplinary boundaries, and developing effective solutions to management challenges. His work includes research, assessments, and restoration of riparian and wetland ecosystems in diverse settings ranging from lowland deserts to alpine tundra. Jeremy is also a Research Scientist at Colorado State University, where he performs interdisciplinary studies on ecological responses to land and water use to guide sustainable resource management and restoration.

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